Empowering Financial and Digital Inclusion

We pride ourselves on high quality research which allow companies and markets to make informed decisions. We measure all aspects of the landscape and constantly align with the industries thought leaders to provide the most up to date and relevant insights.

Areas of Expertise

Financial Health

Financial Inclusion has found its new home in developed markets in the shape of financial health. More than ever, the focus on sound financial decision making and planning will rely leveraging predictive and behavioral economics, making bespoke financial advice available to masses to improve financial well-being.

Governance of Data (aka money) 

Privacy, data sharing, new business models, data security and decentralized ledgers key pieces of new initiatives to guard and regain control over personal data. Europe intends to lead the quest to rebuild the digital ecosystem with the user in control, and financial services is at the heart of solutions to get there.

Compliance and Regtech

with a strong focus on the interaction between policy makers, regulators and market participants, finding ways to reduce compliance burdens with shared data and services for AML/KYC and sanctions, and new smart and real-time assessment and reporting tools, that make regulatory compliance easy.

Cybersecurity & Fraud 

Digital Self-defense is a key skill for 2020 – the ability to both identify and respond to digital threats in a timely manner – in particular for people within the financial industry. The weakest link determines the strength of financial services ecosystem and hence knowledge sharing is essential to safeguard financial services and society as it relies on it.