Empowering Financial and Digital Inclusion

Market Analysis and Competitive Intelligence

At Fintech Aera we keep close track of Fintech market trends & developments as well as investment deals, mergers & acquisitions. This continuous market monitoring results in standard reports like a Fintech State of the Market, or the Fintech Market Forecast, Trends & Developments. With our market analysis we help you understand the market dynamics and competitive environment so you can focus on finding new market opportunities. Based on our Fintech market knowledge, ongoing data collection processes and in-depth market studies we help you stay connected.


We provide customized consulting services to better serve your company and sector’s needs. Fintech Aera can help you address strategic market priorities and support you with business-critical decisions based on our extensive market and technology research. 

Commission Based Market Insights 

In addition to our market studies we can also support you with custom or co-branded research or content, to support you with relevant marketing messaging.  Our commission-based market insights will help you build successful business strategies, engage your audience and build trust among your customers.  Our commission-based market insights leverage existing data resources and are complemented by secondary research. 

 Ecosystem Analysis

The Fintech market is highly fragmented with a large variety of stakeholders. Non-traditional partnerships are crucial to stay on top of market developments and remain relevant in the market. Partner networks can offer new routes to market, foster innovation, create new business, enable technology transfer, or build market power. Our ecosystem analysis will provide insights on changing partner dynamics and strategies in the Fintech scene that will support you and allow you to adapt to the changing Fintech market.