What We Do

Empowering Financial and Digital Inclusion

We at FinTech Aera are dedicated to the economic empowerment of all global citizens through financial and digital literacy and inclusion. To achieve this we create reliable, unbiased bodies of research and market intelligence to shape the future of Finance. We specialize in understanding various ecosystems throughout Europe. We benchmark access, usage, and fit for purpose to evaluate the players and pieces of technology to understand what is happening across the landscape.

Technology’s influence is altering every industry, creating new ones, destroying some and changing the way humans interact. Without knowledge of the digital world, companies and entire industries are made obsolete. We have seen innovation bring down incumbent goliaths in a matter of months. Tech advancements in the financial sector have also created entirely new customer segments, previously unable to access financial services. FinTech Aera examines if the new technologies are meeting the market’s needs, and the health of various ecosystems along verticals.

We at Fintech Aera base our work on the premise that in a culture of innovation one’s efforts help further another’s. We work within networks and work within an inclusive lens to connect and promote and elevate the global FinTech landscape. We are a foundation that constantly strives to map out the gaps and opportunities in the various ecosystems to elevate effectiveness while driving competition and ultimately expanding the accessibility and quality of financial technology. With an unbiased lens we research and champion the advancement of the financial sector to create equal access for all.